Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The struggle continues ...

... to wrestle Ms. Holmes into submission. From the start, she has been watched very carefully, monitored, trained. There is still trouble in paradise though, and the road to wedded OTVII bliss is not running smoothly ... because of those pesky bothersome things called "family" and "parents" ... also "Catholic". Being Catholic is SUCH a problem ... Mr. TC can't have that, can he? Major wrench in the submission plan.

Here's a ridiculous article. The image of Vatican officials, and red-robed Bishops having serious meetings about this issue in the echoey drafty halls of the Vatican is ... well, stranger than fiction.

Quote from the article:

Other Vatican sources said that Cruise’s divorce, and his belief in Scientology, could prove an obstacle to a Catholic ceremony.

Ya think??