Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And now for something REALLY weird - UPDATED

Very few people, including very few $cientologists, know that the whole "Church" of Scientology is owned by another, much more secret "Church", known as the "Church of Spiritual Technology", which is run by former senior officials of the Internal Revenue Service.

To understand how weird and suspicious this is, you have to understand the truly mysterious relationship between $cientology and the IRS. The IRS aggressively pursued legal action against Co$ for decades, before VERY mysteriously caving in and giving Co$ an incredibly generous settlement in 1993 - a settlement which came right after Co$ Fuhrer David Miscavige walked into the office of the IRS Commissioner unannounced and held a private meeting with him.

Although we don't know what happened, it appears Miscavige had some "serious dirt" on IRS Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg, or some other extraordinary leverage that persuaded Goldberg to give Scientology everything they ever wanted.

But it gets a LOT weirder.

Check out this satellite shot at Google Maps.

See that gigantic weird symbol, just northwest of that large landing strip that, incidentally, doesn't appear on any map or aviation chart?

That's the symbol of the "Church of Spiritual Technology", and it marks (for any of Xenu's spaceships that might be flying by) the location of the CST "Trementina Base", which is one of the most secret facilities in the Scientology empire.

Want to hear something even a LOT more weird?

Supposedly Co$/CST built a large underground facility at Trementina, supposedly to house the archives of all of L Ron Hubbard's writings, engraved on millions of stainless steel disks (shades of Mormonism).

And in 1992 - RIGHT AFTER THE MYSTERIOUS MEETING between Miscavige and IRS Commissioner Goldberg and during the final negotiations for the agreement between Co$ and Scientology - the "Church" of Scientology TRADED THE PROPERTY WITH THE MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR UNDERGROUND FACILITY TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for another parcel, worth only $28,000. Co$ had paid $250,000 for the first parcel, even before they built the underground facility, although government documents said that both parcels were worth only $28K.

Meanwhile Co$ still has access to a large underground facility at Trementina. It is very unclear whether this is the original facility, or they built a new one after they traded the first parcel to the government. Large underground facilities are EXTREMELY expensive to build, however, so I doubt they built a new one.

What's going on here???????

Did the government get a secret underground base in return for cutting Co$ the biggest tax break in history? What kind of underground base could have been worth that? Is the government "sharing" the land with an organization the IRS now calls a "religion"????????? How is that constitutional?

This is an INCREDIBLY weird and mysterious story. If anyone knows more, we would dearly love to hear about it.


An anonymous commenter suggested that the land swap is related to the intelligence community's research into remote viewing, i.e., ESP. He or she refers to a timeline, found here, that says the CIA/military remote-viewing-for-intelligence effort was based on Scientology.

Looking into this, it seems that some of the key figures in the now-well-documented effort (called at different times "STARGATE" (I'm not making this up!!), "GRILL FLAME", and "SCANATE" were in fact Scientologists - and in fact were OT VII's, including the project's director at the Stanford Research Institute, Dr. Hal Puthoff, and one of his most successful "viewers", Ingo Swann.

Given that that all government agencies - and especially the intelligence and security organizations - were supposedly considered "suppressive" by Hubbard and their members were supposedly banned from Scientology, it's hard to figure out how former NSA official Puthoff manged to get to OT VII if there wasn't a secret agreement (e.g. a conspiracy) between Scientology and the Federal Government.

Did this apparent unrevealed conspiracy between Scientology and the goveernment to develop "remote viewing" have anything to do with the land swap at Trementina or the truly-mysterious tax settlement in 1992? We can't prove anything one way or the other.

But whatever happened, we know Scientology retains access to the underground facility at Trementina, which is unquestionably now on Federal property, because it appeared on an episode of 20/20 in 1998 about the preservation of Hubbard's writings.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder...

Apparently they aren't kidding about "super power"

From Occupied Clearwater, intergalactic nexus of Xenu Cult silliness, a story that truly does sound like part of a "SouthPark" episode, but is apparently true.

I think this is about the long-awaited and promised "OT VIII". But according to this, the OT VIII is a total disaster that turns people into vegetables, not superheroes.

Scientology officials say that the long-awaited "Super Power Building", where Scientologists will supposedly learn to use their super powers, will finally be opened in 2007, four years after the expected completion in 2003, and 9 years after the groundbreaking in 1998.

The cult says the delays are because of demands on their organization in other parts of the world. Critics say it is because the "super power program" (which may or may not be the same as "OT VIII" - of course that is part of their endless secrecy) doesn't work or hasn't been completed.

Regardless, the building has cost rich $cientologists millions in "donations", and it may be that the delays are related to the cash flow problems that the cult is reportedly suffering.