Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Apparently they aren't kidding about "super power"

From Occupied Clearwater, intergalactic nexus of Xenu Cult silliness, a story that truly does sound like part of a "SouthPark" episode, but is apparently true.

I think this is about the long-awaited and promised "OT VIII". But according to this, the OT VIII is a total disaster that turns people into vegetables, not superheroes.

Scientology officials say that the long-awaited "Super Power Building", where Scientologists will supposedly learn to use their super powers, will finally be opened in 2007, four years after the expected completion in 2003, and 9 years after the groundbreaking in 1998.

The cult says the delays are because of demands on their organization in other parts of the world. Critics say it is because the "super power program" (which may or may not be the same as "OT VIII" - of course that is part of their endless secrecy) doesn't work or hasn't been completed.

Regardless, the building has cost rich $cientologists millions in "donations", and it may be that the delays are related to the cash flow problems that the cult is reportedly suffering.


Blogger Xenuphobe said...

That story about the "clusterfuck" that is OT8 is fascinating. Tory C. (known as Magoo as well) talks a lot about that - how she became more and more apathetic at the OT7 level - more and depressed - not to mention obese - she gained something like 200 pounds on the supposedly glorious and enlightened OT7 track ... Finally, she got the fuck out - and it is encouraging to see that she is not the only one.

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