Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The "Church" Losing Money?

If it's true, this is somewhat good news:

Hollywood is reportedly pinning its hopes on James Packer to pull the Church of Scientology out of financial distress.

Heading the charge is celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise, who has been grooming Packer to give his money - and now the proceeds of Kerry's empire - to the church, the New York Post has reported. Scientology is having difficulty attracting new members thanks to a growing celebrity trend towards Kabbalah, the religion favoured by Madonna and - ironically - Packer's girl Erica Baxter.

And without new, wealthy recruits, cash flow is an issue, the paper reported.

Somewhat, in the sense that it's not necessarily a good thing that people are jumping ship from one cult in exchange for another, but if the "Church" is having cashflow and recruiting problems, it's definitely a good omen that is hopefully a signal for the beginning of their demise. I'm willing to wager that the public antics last summer of Tom Cruise played a big part in delivering the sort of bad press that is the cause of their current problems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a side note, if memory serves Kabbalah isn't a cult but a magical system practiced in Judaism. It's certainly a more valid following than Scientology.

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