Friday, October 28, 2005

Scientologists and Disasters

I've been hearing various reports about Scientology capitalizing on the recent hurricanes to promote their religion. Reports vary, from cultists riding around in "Mobile Command Posts", apparently trying to give a false impression that they had some official purpose or were offering some kinds of techical services, to this little item from Miami.

Apparently the Scientologists were hanging around the Miami EOC offering "massages" and "counseling" to "stressed out" city workers.

There would appear to be some central direction to the efforts of Scientologists to capitalize on the various disasters... If anyone else has reports of strange hurricane-related behavior from Scientologists I'm very interested to hear it.

Apparently Scientology has an "International Disaster Relief Team", whose purpose is to perform dianetics on unsuspecting victims already distracted by natural disasters. I guess it sort of tracks with their habit of preying on the fuzzy-headed. I wonder what hurricane victims pay for their audits?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


According to this piece, Katie Holmes is now being secretly "handled" by Lee Anne DeVette, Tom Cruise's Scientology sister and publicist. Holmes fired her publicist recently (it seems that anyone who gets close to Tom must be represented by his publicist - no conflicting stories there, right? No pesky un-Hubbard-like attitudes allowed) - but there has been no official announcement, yet, that Holmes is being represented by DeVette. Apparently, it is well known in the business that Holmes' circle is becoming more and more narrow. Her family hasn't seen her in months. Her friends have been dropped. Holmes has backed out of projects for the forseeable future. And she is now being trailed by a Scientology guru (Jessica Rodriguez) - who I am sure is being paid by the higher-ups in the cult to make sure that Holmes doesn't get any funny ideas ... Rodriguez is there to make sure that this marriage happens without a hitch.

Holmes has now fired her dedicated staff of publicists - people who have worked with her for years.

The noose is tightening. Holmes is allowing it to happen. We all make choices and she is choosing this.

I would so love to know what is REALLY going on in her head. I know. I'm a voyeur. But also: I am terribly fascinated at what has been said to her, what has been actually proposed to her ... what it is REALLY like for her right now.

The more she isolates, the harder it will be for her to deal with reality. Everything that comes to her will be filtered. She will no longer have even a passing relationship with the truth.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fair Game

"Now, get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology, we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts."

— L. Ron Hubbard Nov. 5 1967

"We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts."

Aha. Okay. Gotcha, L. Ron!

Just one comment. The gobbledygook nature of his language is so apparent in that one quote. Scientologists believe this man was a Messiah. His thought process is a mess. "get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea ..." What??

How can these people think that guy is such a genius?

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Case of Robert W. Welkos

In an article reprinted from an edition The Quill magazine published in 1991, journalist Robert Welkos recounts his difficulties with the "church" a brief time prior to publishing an article in the Los Angeles Times examining Scientology.

In the late spring of 1990, shortly before the Los Angeles Times published a comprehensive series on the Church of Scientology by staff writer Joel Sappell and myself, a deliveryman arrived at my house and propped a large manila envelope against my front door. It was from a mortuary, and inside was a brochure extolling the benefits of arranging your funeral before you die.

"Investigate the pre-arrangement program at our memorial park now," the brochure read. "You'll be glad you did, and so will your family."

Curious, I telephoned the mortuary and asked why they had sent me the material. To my amazement, they didn't know they had and told me they never sent brochures unsolicited because it can be upsetting. They assured me they were always sensitive to such concems and that it would not happen again.

But it did.

Two days later, my wife caught a glimpse of a man hurrying down the front walk. By the time she opened the door, he was driving away, but left on the step was another envelope from the same mortuary.

The rest of the article is just as chilling.

Some "war hero"

Here's a great site detailing L. Ron Hubbard's service in the US Navy, which reveals was anything but valorous and heroic, as Hubbard and his followers have claimed in the past. Hopefully, the Stolen Valor Act (written about on this site here) will see them to at least change their tune when it comes to promoting lies on this one issue.

Sexual Assault and the "Church"

From the New York Post:

October 2, 2005 -- A FORMER Scientology staffer is breaking her silence about being sexually assaulted 100 times at ages 16 and 17 by the church supervisor she was "ordered" to live with, and then receiving threats and intimidating phone calls when she reported the abuse.
Five years ago, Gabriel Williams, then a 27-year-old chief supervisor at the Church of Scientology in Mountain View, Calif., forced then-16-year-old Jennifer Stewart to have intercourse with him on the first evening she moved in, according to her statements in court records.

After Williams was charged with rape and sodomy with a minor — and later convicted of sexual battery and sodomy — Stewart's family endured death threats, stalkers and other harassment.

"We want the world to know that when Tom Cruise calls psychiatry a 'pseudoscience,' it's all part of Scientology's plan to brainwash people," said Stewart's husband, Tom Gorman, referring to the actor's "Today" show interview in June.

Stewart believed that if she went to the police, she would not be able to avoid being sent to a psychiatrist. According to Scientology, psychiatry is a source of evil. Members who see "psychs" or take psychiatric drugs will be declared "SP" — "suppressive person" — and can't achieve spiritual freedom.

In a related civil suit brought by Stewart against Williams and the church, she recently received as part of the settlement a "generous monetary resolution," said her attorney. Although the church admitted no wrongdoing, it forked over about $700,000, sources say.

The full article can be read here (free registration required).

Quote of the day

“Show me any person who is critical of us and I’ll show you crimes and intended crimes that would stand a magistrate’s hair on end.”

- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, 4 April 1965

A host of other equally charming quotes from L. Ron can be found here.


I doubt this is what the litigious jerks intended, but I'm glad for the proprietor of ScienTOMogy.

The site,, states in its introduction that it is in no way affiliated with the church and links those who may have gotten there inadvertently to the church's official home page. ScienTOMogy also labels its spoof videos and other material as "satirical." Still, church officials are claiming copyright infringement over the domain name.

Bloggers, many of whom say they consider Scientology a cult rather than a religion, have noted that the legal action has given ScienTOMogy a cult following of its own. The site has gone from getting 100 hits a day to more than 1 million in a matter of hours, according to a ScienTOMogy blog.

Good luck to them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fair Game, Part III

Here's some further information about Scientology attempting to silence yet another one of its critics by passing lies to their employer via an unscrupulous private investigator.

Monday, October 17, 2005


When you push a small human being out of your body through a hole that size - don't make a sound. L. Ron Hubbard tells you to be quiet. Don't scream. Don't moan. Because it will traumatize THE CHILD.

The whole "silent birth" thing has come out into the foreground these days because of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise - and I can't help but be glad. The more publicity this crazy cult gets - the better.

Or am I naive?

Great article in Slate about all of this.

The more I read about "silent birth", and the whole ritual of it - the more I see that the real purpose behind it is to separate the mother from the child as quickly as possible. Familial bonds are, of course, very threatening to cults. The cult comes first.

Let the baby enter a silent world - with no loving caress of a parent, no soft cooing voices, no happy tones of welcome ... Shuffle it off into a corner, so it can be PURE. And not "tainted" by ... er ... love.

God. It's just - disgusting and evil, is what it is.