Monday, September 19, 2005

Fair Game Part II

More on the "Fair Game" policy reported at Cult News:

In a shocking video-taped confession by Scientology staff member Mike McClaughry, law enforcement officials have learned that the Church of Scientology purchased street drugs from a drug dealer in order to frame a California Health Department official for illegal possession of narcotics. The official, Jim Esterbrook, had produced a highly critical report about Scientology's NarConon church-recruitment front business. Mr. Esterbrook was also seeking funds from the state of California to help get drug addicts off drugs, a project which the Church of Scientology prevented by framing him for the misdemeanor.

"You manufacture some crimes, right? Set 'em up, sting operation type stuff. Um, oh, I know some that were actually done, I don't have to give examples," Mr. McClaughry testified. "Um, there was a guy in Sacramento named Jim Esterbrook, um, I got one of my agents [Scientology's Office of Special Affairs] to go get some, um, drugs, you know, purchase some illegal drugs, marijuana or whatever it was, plant 'em in the guy's car and then call the cops on him and try to get him arrested for possession of illegal drugs. Um, geez, just let your imagine run wild because, uh, we were allowed to do that, you know. It's like anything you could think of was basically okay."

Further details here.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Onion Takes on Travolta

Here's a brilliant piece of satire from the Onion about John Travolta being hospitalized for a low e-meter reading.

When asked whether Travolta's condition could be traced to Xenu, the intergalactic overlord who imprisoned countless thetans on Earth 75 million years ago, [Travolta's personal physician]Welch said: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Doctors have also left open a small but distinct possibility that Travolta—who was slated to begin work this week on his next film, the sci-fi epic Battlefield Earth—was poisoned.

"Certainly, a chemical contamination might be the explanation," Citarella said. "His food or water could have been tampered with by a wog, or maybe even an SP. Or, a psychiatrist or some other dead agent might have poisoned him with the killer drug Prozac, though it would've had to have been a very small amount to explain the minor extent of damage. But Mr. Travolta will be given a full Purif Rundown, just to be safe."


(Thanks, as ever, to Cult News for the link.)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fair Game

Andreas Heldal-Lund, proprietor of Operation Clambake and outspoken critic of Scientology's tactics and practices, is being targeted by the "church," who are now attempting to get him fired from his job by sending his employers letters filled with lies.

(Google group link courtesy of Cult News.)