Friday, October 28, 2005

Scientologists and Disasters

I've been hearing various reports about Scientology capitalizing on the recent hurricanes to promote their religion. Reports vary, from cultists riding around in "Mobile Command Posts", apparently trying to give a false impression that they had some official purpose or were offering some kinds of techical services, to this little item from Miami.

Apparently the Scientologists were hanging around the Miami EOC offering "massages" and "counseling" to "stressed out" city workers.

There would appear to be some central direction to the efforts of Scientologists to capitalize on the various disasters... If anyone else has reports of strange hurricane-related behavior from Scientologists I'm very interested to hear it.

Apparently Scientology has an "International Disaster Relief Team", whose purpose is to perform dianetics on unsuspecting victims already distracted by natural disasters. I guess it sort of tracks with their habit of preying on the fuzzy-headed. I wonder what hurricane victims pay for their audits?


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Blogger Xenuphobe said...

After Katrina - there was a hugely publicized "visit" by John Travolta to the city of Baton Rouge - only a couple of days after it happened. It was reported by the media as though it was your typical celebrity visit - but obviously he was there as the first wave. I read some investigative reports on it - on Cult News - that when a disaster hits (like the bombs going off in London subways) - there is an immediate flurry of Scientology activity - directed from the higher-ups. "Okay, you know what to do ... go out there ... set up your tents ... give assists ... and RECRUIT!"

I'll see if I can drum up those reports. They made it quite clear that it is no accident that Scientologists appear in the wake of disasters. Celebs and non-celebs. They are sent there by the ones in power.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Thetan Lover said...

I was reading on the Clambake message boards about how they are basically only distributing goods contributed by other charities, but essentially claiming that the goods were donations from the CoS - yes because they're just famous for their generosity. Bastards.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leary loves scientology as much as Van morrison loved it.

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