Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"That dedicated glare"

Article on Tom Cruise's more public stance on all things Scientology.

One former Scientologist, who worked closely with the religion's celebrity members, claims Cruise is close to becoming a member of the Church's mythical Sea Org level or something similar.She says, "You feel so good, it's like you're high on coke. If you look at him, he has that dedicated glare that Sea Org members have.

"High-level Scientologists insist the Sea Org level never existed and such claims are ridiculous.

Radar Online, a magazine that has run multiple series on various Hollywood cults - Scientology and Kabbalah, most notably - is about to run an expose on Tom Cruise, and his devotion to Scientology.

I am sure Cruise and Scientology have been harassing the people at Radar nonstop, holding up the process with legal threats, as well as friendly "visits" from OSA members, stopping by to "correct" any misinformation that might appear in the article.

I had read elsewhere (and I can't remember where, sorry) that Cruise had finally reached a certainl level in his training - he is very high up on their OT track, (he had passed OTIII a long time ago)- and this is why he has been acting so strangely lately.

About OTIII (a highly secret level - Scientolgists aren't even allowed to talk to each other about OTIII): it has been said that those who do pass this level without cracking up (this is the level where Xenu is revealed) transform into zealots. Their belief becomes much more evangelical in nature, and they get that crazy look in their eyes - which you can see any time you look at Jenna Elfman, or Tom Cruise. They are evangelists, missionaries.

If you swallow Xenu, if you allow yourself to be duped by the Xenu story ... then you have no choice than to become a fanatic.

It's an interesting psychological question. Nobody wants to admit they've been tricked, or lied to, or betrayed. Nobody wants to admit that you have spent up to $30,000 on saunas and books and classes - only to find out that the whole thing is a scam. Some people literally crack up after the Xenu revelations, and have to be restrained. (There is much speculation that Tom Cruise himself went through such a crack-up). And once you succumb, once you surrender ... all of that doubt and self-hatred and self-loathing (from being so willingly duped) is turned viciously outwards on all detractors.

Ex-Scientologists have described that process in just such a way.

There has been a lot of talk about Tom Cruise's recent behavior and how much of it has to do with the fact that he fired his aggressive shark-like publicist who kept all these pesky questions at bay for years. She refused access to anyone who brought up Scientology in an interview. Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star in the world. Journalists, talk show hosts, entertainment shows ... they all need access to him. It's part of their job. So they took Scientology off the list of topics, and focused on his work. This helped create the Tom Cruise image - of friendly, gregarious, private family man. We knew very little about him. Except that he was a huge star, and rarely had any scandals attached to his name. He was never a Russell Crowe type, always in and out of trouble. He was squeaky clean, in terms of his reputation.

So then last year: he fired his publicist, and hired his Scientology sister to be his publicist. And obviously the end-result was a bunch of couch-jumping, and now Tom Cruise's reputation has been seriously damaged. (No. Seriously. It has. He is not aware of it yet, but it's true.)

If Tom Cruise has reached this level of Scientology where you begin to feel omniscent and all-powerful (these people think they can walk through walls, and also never die ... sickness doesn't exist for them, etc.) - then of course it would be intolerable for him to have a publicist who is saying to him "DON'T talk about Scientology."

Talking about Scientology (evangelizing) has now become a duty. He must do his part to "clear the planet".

He is blinded by his own power, his own certainty. He no longer feels that there are consequences for his behavior. He can jump on couches, and slam Brooke Shields, and have disastrous interview after disastrous interview ... and nothing will stick to him!!! He's a high-level Scientologist! These petty problems can't touch him!

(I also wonder, though, if he is scared of what will happen to him if he doesn't play along with Scientologists. Because of their auditing sessions, they probably have a ton of dirt on him. It's one of the ways they keep their celebrities in line, blackmailing them with their own secrets.)

I am not sure if that deeper level exists now for Tom Cruise. I think he is completely on the other side, he is completely brainwashed. He is now a willing participant in his own surrender. He signed up, and now he shouts it to the mountains.

So while I think Tom Cruise ALWAYS was a bit nutty - and for many years we didn't know just how nutty, because he was shielded by his powerful publicist - I think there has also been a transformation over the last year. Yes, he is no longer protected. So that is probably a lot of it. You never read in-depth interviews with Tom Cruise back then, and so there were no opportunities to see the cracks in the psyche. The questions were all about his movies, and his acting. His reputation was stellar. He is a workaholic, and literally no one has ever had a bad thing to say about him on any set he's worked on. The catering guys, the gaffers, the extras ... Tom Cruise is notorious for being on time, a team-player, and always ready to work.

This is probably still true. But now - for the first time - the personal stuff has taken over. And everybody stares at him, like: "Is this the Tom Cruise I've been watching for 20 years? What?? Top Gun? Risky Business? Was he like ... THIS ... all this time?"

I don't know the man, so I can't answer. But I think he now feels he is omniscent, powerful, and his main job is to be an advocate for the Church of Scientology.

I look forward to reading Radar's piece when it launches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Thetan Lover said...

This is why I love the internet. They can't stop the information anymore. They can't come after all of us. I can feel the "church" crumbling. It's beautiful.

Thank you, Tom Cruise, for being an big and arrogant enough ass as to help expose this friggin' scam that sees a handful of men live like kings on the backs of the suffering of thousands.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Thetan Lover said...

Yippee. Our first spam. Anybody know how to delete comments with this blogger thingie?

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Xenuphobe said...

I can't figure it out ... looking through the template - to no avail.

But yay - our first spam!!

There are SO many stories of Scientologists stumbling over Operation Clambake or any of these other anti-scientology sites and suddenly realizing what they have been doing, and leaving the church immediately.

It's incredible. The jig is up, Church of Scientology!

At least I hope it is.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Xenuphobe said...

Okay - I figured it out.

See the little trash can icon at the bottom of each comment?

As long as you are signed in to Blogger (with the account attached to this particular blog) then just click on that icon, and it will ask if you want to remove the comment.

11:51 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Xenuphobe said...

Dudes, we're under attack!!

12:41 PM  
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Anonymous happo_no_giri said...

This is good stuff. I look forward to reading this also. I've started an ongoing debate about special interest groups, religion and how it all plays in the shaping of American politics with many of my friends.

Most people talk about how much they hate special interest groups, etc., but what they mean is that they hate interest groups that don't represent their interests.

But I digress. I wonder if Tom Cruise cracking up is an indicator as to why we see so few interviews with Beck, Jenna Elfman, etc. ? We don't even hear from crazy man John Travolta too much anymore.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Xenuphobe said...

One of the things I'm curious about is:

Does the church think that Tom Cruise evangelizing is a good thing? Are they so brainwashed they watch his shenanigans and think: aweeeesome...

Or ... if at some very high level of management ... some very high CYNICAL level ... the powers that be want him to shut up, so that they can run their little money-making cult in peace, and not have so much attention on them.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Thetan Lover said...

A while ago there were rumors floating around that Travolta is one of the people who tried to leave but couldn't and after his shakedown, he just kept his mouth shut and paid his dues on time. There's been speculation that he actually made Battlefield Earth bad on purpose as a quiet "up yours" to the "church." I would love to know if any of this is true.

2:33 PM  
Blogger HappyClam said...

Tom Cruise is an OT-VII. Allegedly at OT-VIII (the highest level that has yet been "released" by the RTC), they tell you that L. Ron Hubbard was the antichrist. You can only complete this level on their cruise ship, the "Freewinds".

I am bummed that I missed the spam comments!

5:23 PM  

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