Monday, August 08, 2005

Stolen Valor Act of 2005

The Stolen Valor Act "would place criminal penalties on those who falsely claim to have risked their lives for our country, restoring honor to those who have truly earned it".

There's a big problem of medals fraud - people claiming all kinds of glory for themselves which they never earned (disgusting). "Current law only allows prosecution of imposters who wear an unearned Medal of Honor on their person. Salazar’s legislation will expand the law to include those who publicly claim to be decorated veterans, allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to finally prosecute several high profile cases."

One of those "high profile cases" is the case of L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology continues to perpetuate the lie that Hubbard was a war hero, he had seen major combat, he did this, he did that - all lies.

Yesterday, a letter was sent to Congressman John Salazar (he was the one who proposed the Stolen Valor Act) asking:

Is there anything you can do to force the Scientology business to cease making its false claims about Hubbard's Navy career?

The letter states, eloquently:

This is exactly what the proposed Act is meant to redress. People, and the organizations they created, who claim military awards and medals that they have not earned and have not been awarded should be punished and execrated by society. Even though Hubbard is dead, his business still repeats his lies, and in my opinion the proposed Act should also punish businesses and organizations that repeat such falsehoods. It is a gross insult to American men and women who have actually been wounded and who have actually earned the medals and awards that frauds and con-artists falsely claim. It's despicable behavior. People who claim high military distinction, such as Hubbard and his business, insult and slap the faces of every man and woman who served the United States with distinction, honor, courage, and valor.

This should be interesting to watch. Wonder how Scientology will respond.


Blogger HappyClam said...

Scientology has seriously retrenched on their many outrageous claims about Hubbards "medals". His military record is public and available on the internet and it shows he was awarded the normal campaign ribbons that everyone received - Atlantic, Pacific, and Asiatic Theater Campaign medals, and the WWII Victory medal.

But in 1974, Hubbard had the nerve to request "duplicates" of 22 other medals which he never earned. This request for "duplicates" - declined by the Navy - was for years used as "proof" of Hubbard's "heroism" by Scientology.

The internet has caught up with them however and they have severely "edited" all their biographical accounts of Hubbard. Now it is hard to find any reference to his Navy service in any documents.

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