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Niacin detox?

Okay - so remember the photos of Katie Holmes with those weird "canker sores" all over her mouth? More photos here (scroll down). The photos came out right after she and Cruise "went public" with their cult initiation relationship in April, 2005. We saw them smooching endlessly on the red carpet ... and then four days later, these bleak weird photos of Katie shopping, talking on her cell phone, with black sores all over her lips are published.

Two theories (although the main response was: WTF?? It is rare to see a celebrity look so disheveled and terrible in public. How about a little concealer, Katie?) bandied about at the time were:

1. Katie's mouth was bruised from so much hot making out with Tom Cruise

2. Katie suddenly came down with some kind of adult form of impetigo (herpes?) - which is partly caused by stress. Of course she was stressed out by all the publicity!

Judging from the stilted phony way Cruise kissed Katie on the red carpet, the first possibility seemed highly unlikely to me. Obviously, I do not know Cruise or Holmes - so maybe they were spending hours on end mashing their faces together. Face-skin chafing is quite common for women, after major snogging sessions with men (or so I've heard. Ahem.) But something about the two of them together seemed really phony to me, and I couldn't picture them rolling around on the couch like horny teenagers, clawing at one another's belt buckles. Also, there's a difference between a little skin chafing and huge black SORES appearing all around the mouth.

What was up with Katie Holmes' face??

Remember: those sores appeared following the "TomKat are a couple!!" publicity blitzkrieg (starting on April 27). Prior to that blitzkrieg, Katie Holmes apparently (according to friends and family) had been missing for 16 days. She was seen on April 4 in New York (she had not met Tom Cruise yet) and then again on April 7 at another event in Manhattan. At some point during the next week, Holmes was flown to California to have a meeting about Mission Impossible: 3. (We now know what happened to Scarlett Johanssen during a similar meeting. Did Katie Holmes go through a similar initiation and NOT flee into the night, like Ms. Johanssen did?) After flying to LA for her "meeting": nobody heard from Katie Holmesfor 16 days. (She comes from a close-knit family - this disappearing act was seen as highly unusual). The next time anyone heard or saw Katie Holmes was when she appeared on the red carpet beside Tom Cruise on April 27. And they were "in love", etc. etc.

What was happening during those 16 days? It appears that Scientology got its hooks into her in that time. I wonder what went on, what kind of indoctrination, what kind of pressure she had to handle ... how hard did they push? How hard did Cruise push? How does one give up one's self, one's critical mind, one's Catholicism - in a matter of 16 days? What was done to Katie Holmes?

Look at those photos again of Katie with the black sores over her face.

In case you haven't heard, there is a huge brou-haha going on in New York right now, in regards to the "detoxification center" set up by Scientology to aid the firefighters who had to work at Ground Zero. Tom Cruise was at the forefront of setting up this center, which came into existence days after September 11. He, of course, "cared" about the firefighters, and was "concerned" about the poisons they had to breathe in. And so firefighters can go to the center to be recruited into the cult purify the toxins out of their system. L. Ron Hubbard was big on "purity", and he proposed lengthy sauna sessions as well as major doses of niacin - in order to bring these impurities out. There is no scientific evidence that going into a sauna for 8 hours will cure you of anything - as a matter of fact, it may do more harm than good.

From the article above:

A disaster was narrowly averted last summer when a firefighter ran out of a 170-degree sauna — part of the detoxification method, along with exercise and large doses of niacin — because he was "having trouble breathing," according to one witness.

As the firefighter's hands were "turning blue," a call was made to clinic higher-ups for guidance.
"They said it was just a 'manifestation' and that we should go back to the book until it passed," one horrified witness recalled.

"We were told to take him to the hospital if absolutely necessary, but to drive him there, instead of calling 911."

The firefighter was given oxygen and his condition eventually stabilized.

A spokesman for the clinic defended the operation.

"The detoxification program is under the general medical supervision of a board-certified physician," said Keith Miller. He added that the clinic "has a clear policy to call 911 when needed."

The saunas are operated without doctors present. If sores start to erupt on your body, it is a "manifestation". Manifestation? 170 degree sauna? To ... what ... purify the firefighter's body from having breathed in toxic fumes? Where is the medical science backing this up?? Typical Scientology bullshit.

Niacin, too, taken in large doses, is toxic, and can cause, among other things, major skin disturbances, such as rashes.

Here's a first-person account of the "purification" methods Scientology uses (and every member has to go through them - this is one of the cash cows of the organization):

It's a horrifying story.

G told me that my first step was the Purif. (Purification Rundown, an excersize, vitamin and sauna program designed to flush out drugs and radiation from the body). I was a bit skeptical about this - how did this address spiritual issues? G explained that spiritual progress was impeded by residue drugs and radiation. I bought it (in both senses of the word, it cost me R1500).


I started feeling dizzy. I took water and salt. And then I passed out. I was told that I was in the sauna like that for an hour. I "came to" with a lot of shouting and someone hosing me down with water - I remember the panic on the faces of the staff. Clearly something had gone badly wrong. The next day, people at my place of employment remarked on how pale I was, and I felt shaky the whole day.

These people "on staff" are not doctors. They are not qualified physicians. They are charlatans and users, messing with people's health.

From the same first-person testimony:

However, to my non-scientific mind, the whole credibility of the Purif rests on the premise that Niacin flushes out radiation and drugs.

Niacin is nicotinic acid - a vitamin of the B group, which is prepared SYNTHETICALLY in a process that includes the oxidation of nicotine. The toxic effect is the DILATION OF THE VEINS, and this leads to hot flushes - high dosages also lead to abdominal cramps, tiredness and skin blemishes.

Hubbard thought he had made a big medical breakthrough here (like all megalomaniacal wack-jobs, he thought he was the smartest, most revolutionary, most original person on the planet.)

Did it never occur to him that the flushes, the rashes, the skin blemishes were actually NOT signs of impurities being flushed out, but actually signs of harm being done?

Hubbard is asserting here that medical science is incorrect in thinking that niacin caused the skin to flush. He states, instead, that the flush is caused by niacin "running out", or getting rid of, sunburn or radiation. He offers no research to back this up. As Kim Baker points out, this is the whole basis of the Purification Rundown - an assertion contrary to medical research, made without any scientific basis, but asserted as if it had been properly researched.

When I saw Katie Holmes' blotched-up face, I never once thought of the sauna/niacin purification rundown. For some reason, it slipped my mind - even though it is well-known that this is the first step for anyone joining Scientology. I chalked the blotches up to major stress.

But now I wonder.

I'm not the only one wondering.

Of course Scientology denies, denies, denies. Not only does Scientology deny that Katie Holmes was blasted with niacin and saunas (during the 16 days when she was MIA) - but it denies that the purification program is in any way harmful. They stand by their lies.

I hope that the New York Post multi-part series brings about some good, and I hope the Detoxification Program is shut down before more people are harmed. Good for the Post for keeping the spotlight on the issue.

I believe that the blotches on Katie Holmes' face were caused by a bombardment of niacin mixed with long sauna sessions, in preparation for her quick conversion to Scientology, and her quick conversion to being the "fiance of Tom Cruise".


Blogger HappyClam said...

That's really gross.

But it does look like Niacin overdose.

Niacin overdose is REALLY bad for you - very hard on the liver, I believe.

I am horrified that young Katie is so impressionable and naive that she fell for all this. I sincerely hope she's just doing it because Tom is paying her.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best part of this is when a Scientology spokesperson claimed she was insulted that anyone would even suggest that their methods might be harmful and that it might be responsible for Katie's sores. Lordy, these people live in an alternate reality.

-Thetan Lover

12:22 PM  

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