Thursday, August 25, 2005

Glamour Takes on CoS

It was mentioned on the message forum at Rick Ross's site that Glamour magazine is supposedly running an article in their next issue written by a former member of Scientology's Sea Org. Apparently, the "church" asked to see a copy of the article before it was published and the magazine refused. There's nothing I can find online as of yet, but keep your eyes open. This sounds very interesting.

UPDATE: I did find this short bit about the upcoming magazine feature, citing a New York Post Page Six item that reported:

An insider at Glamour said, “The story is about a woman who grew up in the church and literally fled to the country to escape her husband, mother and the Scientologists she lived with. During our fact-checking, we called the L.A. headquarters and several hours later two Scientologists showed up at Conde Nast and had security call the editor of the story to tell her she had visitors. In our offices, they demanded to see the story but we declined, noting we don’t release stories until they are on stands. They showed up twice more that week with DVD’s and books about Scientology and then finally with their comments. During the last visit, the Scientologists saw the latest issue of Glamour with Nicole Kidman on the cover with the tagline tease, ‘Nicole opens up about Tom,’ and demanded copies.”

UPDATE II: Just noticed the dates. This is old news from last month, but still worthy of mention, especially the Scientologists showing up at Glamour's offices and demanding to see the article in question. I still can't find it anywhere online, though.


Anonymous happo_no_giri said...

I started wondering ... that bit about Nicole Kidman ... who has custody of Nic and Tom's adopted children?

You never hear Tom say anything about them. NEVER. Creepy. Parents usually have a good bit to say about being a parent.

But, being in journalism, it is not uncommon for folks to ask for advance copy. If it's fluff, they'll sometimes comply. But more often than not, newpapers and magazines won't let you see anything before it hits the stands.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Thetan Lover said...

I believe they share joint custody. However, I honestly do not blame the man for never talking about his children. I wouldn't if I were in the public eye. They should be afforded privacy when they are younger. If they chose to follow their parents and step into the spotlight as grown-ups, that's their business. They shouldn't be exposed to scrutiny as children just because their parents are famous.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Cullen said...

Well, sure privacy. But parents are going to talk. All celebrity parents talk about some things. You know, usually about balancing being a parent with their celebrity or how it's interesting facing this certain element in their child's life. But you never hear that from him. As though he doesn't even acknowledge their existence.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Thetan Lover said...

That's one of his shortcomings as I see it, Cullen. You see, with him, it's all about TOM. ALL TOM ALL THE TIME. Even mentioning his kids in the briefest passing would take the spotlight off of TOM, if only for a second. It doesn't matter if he shows up the entire cast and crew of his girlfriend's latest flick by making the premiere of a film that he was not in all about TOM. Their feelings about being shafted and ignored don't count because TOM IS HAPPY.

That's one of my only beefs with Scientology as a belief system (as opposed to my very specific dislike of their heavy-handed actions). It's a very ME centered religion. The focus is on ME. Not my family, my friends or my community. ME and MY HAPPINESS.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Xenuphobe said...

Well, there's that whole "let's separate a newborn baby from the mother as soon as possible" shite that they practice.

Family bonds threaten the bond of the "church".

Actually, I remember LOTS of articles from when the two of them were actually married that focused on their parenting, and how to keep things real and normal for their kids, and how they balance working, and being on location, and blah blah blah with being a parent. You rarely saw pictures of those kids, but they referenced parenting all the time.

But ever since they got divorced - silence about the kids. It's a deafening silence.

Apparently, Tom and Nicole's kids are now being home-schooled by Tom's sister. Basically - sorry to say - this means indoctrination into the church of scientology.

Nicole is a Catholic, and never really "converted" ... There are rumors (of course) that Cruise's insistence on raising their kids in the "church" was one of the reasons for their breakup. Although I have my suspicions about that.

In terms of the kids being home-schooled: I bet there isn't a damn thing Nicole can do about it. She signed away being able to ever talk about this when she divorced him.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Thetan Lover said...

The sad thing about their "home schooling," to bring up some of the points in the post on Beck below, is that they aren't really being taught anything other than the half-baked fantasies of what Scientology considers "fact," most of which is not based in reality at all. They will be ignorant, under-educated adults and this will seriously effect the choices they have in life once they're grown.

I feel bad for those poor kids.

10:36 AM  

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