Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Fishman Papers and OT-8

If you haven't read them, you need to go check out the Fishman Papers.

The Fishman Papers occasioned possibly the most aggressive campaign in the history of Scientology, and the internet, on the part of the Church of Scientology to prevent information about their organization to become available.

I know nothing about Mr. Fishman, or whether his "fable" is true, but it says some interesting things.

One of the things it says, which Scientologists (publicly) vehemently deny, is that there is a document written by L. Ron Hubbard known as "OT-8" in which he says that he, L. Ron, is the Antichrist, and being the devil isn't so bad because Jesus was a child molester, and that he, L. Ron, will later return from the afterlife as a powerful politician and take over the world.

So do you think young Katie has heard that L. Ron is the devil? (Was the devil? Will be the devil??)

Other things it says is that David Miscavige and Tom Cruise have a "special relationship". I wonder what he means by that? It might be a pretty interesting story.

The Fishman papers are actually chock-full of juicy celebrity gossip, including lots of stuff about John Travolta's personal life and why he is married to Kelly Preston, how Mimi Rogers got Tom Cruise into Scientology, and how OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clarke is married to one of the senior operatives of Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs", which is the "church's" secret police and intelligence service. Apparently they all have a lot in common with Charles Manson, who they REALLY doesn't want you to know was a Scientologist.

Perhaps the most intellectually interesting part of the Fishman Papers, however, is the discussion of the extensive relationship between L. Ron and famous Satanist Aleister Crowley. Hubbard apparently borrowed a lot of Scientology dogma from Crowley's satanic "Ordo Templi Orientis" (OTO).

The Fishman document makes a pretty persuasive case that the origins of Scientology were in Hubbard's association with Aleister Crowley and his satanic secret societies, and that Hubbard practiced all kinds of satanic rituals throughout his life. The accounts, many of which come from Hubbard's son Ron Jr., will make you cringe.

So is Scientology really a big front for the world's largest and most powerful Satanic cult? Everyone may form their own opinions, but you could (and the Fishman papers do) certainly make a pretty compelling argument for that case.

Interestingly, the case can be made in at least two ways - the first comparing the writings and actions of Hubbard and Scientology to those of Aleister Crowley's satanism, and the other by comparing Scientology to what Christian theology says about the devil and his ways.


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